What We Do

Here at Supported Living Gateway we aim to provide a national innovative solution to simplify the link and communication between local authorities, housing associations, registered providers and care providers who have a dramatic need for properties which is not being filled and the property owners, developers and investors who have a desire to help and achieve the longevity and security of rental by facilitating the correct connections.

We hear countless stories of support staff spending days looking for properties online or spending hours calling round letting agents unable to find any agents or landlords who will work with them. Care providers should be focussing on what they do best and not having to spend precious hours finding property.

We also hear from property owners, developers and property investors who struggle to place their properties with a suitable provider due to the barriers faced with establishing communication with the right person or team. Many owners have a passion for providing these properties and a moral desire to help those more vulnerable as well as achieving a secure rental on their property for the long term.

The Supported Living Gateway will provide the missing link, the piece of the jigsaw that brings all parties together from all sides and smooths the path to enable more homes to be provided for the vulnerable and the security and longevity of rental for the property owner.

Not only are we here to smooth this path but inside the gateway we have a vast array of teams who specialise in the supported living field from solicitors, brokers, architects, building teams, planning consultants and many more.

We also have up to date industry news, educational material and courses to ensure everyone knows how to best achieve the results needed. So whether you’re a property owner, investor, developer or a housing association, registered provider or care provider the Supported Living Gateway can help you in your quest to achieve the results needed to collectively provide more homes for the vulnerable.