Supported Living Gateway provides an innovative solution to simplify the link and communication between supported living providers and property owners across mainland UK.

We help local authorities, registered providers, charities and care providers, who have a need for property that is not being filled, connect with the landlords, property developers and property investors who have a desire to help and want to achieve a secure lease on their property.


Property Investors - What is Supported Living?

And why do you need to know about it?

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Care Providers - Do You Need Property For Supported Living?

We are changing the way people connect to create more homes for vulnerable people

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Property Investors - How to get started in Supported Living

Are you wanting to find out more about how to get started investing in Supported Living?

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Rich Liddle & Lisa Brown at The Blue Oak Property Group

Here is a video from two of our co-founders introducing Supported Living Gateway

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Who We Are

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