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Property Training for Supported Living Providers


  • Are you struggling to find property?
  • Can’t find a landlord who understands the Supported Living / Social Housing sector?
  • Found a property but unsure of the next steps?
  • Who will make the adaptations needed and where’s the funding coming from?
  • What about the legal agreement, how are these structured?
  • How do we find new clients be able to fill the property straight away?
  • We’re a new start up business, will landlords take us on?

This is the feedback we get from our care providers, all the time, and why they come to us for help.

For us, we want our supported living providers, as well as our property owners, to have a clear understanding of what is needed to secure a property in this sector and how to make the most out of our platform.

So both parties can work together collaboratively to get the best possible outcome for those who need it most, the tenant.

Therefore, we have created an in-depth course covering the following:

  • Who are Supported Living Gateway and how we’ve helped others and can help you
  • Getting started and how to develop and grow a supported living business
  • Understanding the property market, what types of properties are needed, and their classifications
  • How to work with landlords and how to prepare for a property viewing
  • How to work with registered providers
  • Understanding lease agreements and financing

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This course is designed for supported living providers who want to understand more about leasing property and forming long lasting relationships with property owners to grow their business.

16th April- 16th April 2024
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Section 1

What is Supported Living

Section 2

Supported Living Deal Analysis

Section 3

Property Case Studies

Section 4

How to Get Started