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21 Years in hospital

4th October 2022

This article from BBC News highlights the desperate need for housing to be available for supported living.

An autistic man who has been held in a secure hospital for 21 years has been told he can finally go home.
Tony was sectioned after he had a mental health crisis in 2001 and his family have been trying to get him home ever since. In 2013 he was deemed “fit for discharge” and yet 9 years later he’s still waiting for discharge.

And why? Because there was nowhere for Tony to go.

There are about 2000 people detained, waiting to be discharged into the community.

And while this is a shocking statistic, one question we get asked continuously is, “is there demand for property in my area”, well, we can categorically answer that with a resounding yes!

So, if you’ve investigated the supported living sector, or looking to diversify your portfolio, then please get in touch and we can answer any questions you may have.


Source:  Jayne McCubbin, BBC News

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