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The Value of Social Housing

26th October 2023

In light of our partnership with Social Housing Group, we've been actively addressing the national need for more availability of properties, catering to both social housing and supported living.  

Shelter, the UK's housing and homeless charity, have said “Social housing is an investment in people, strong communities and the future of our country” and they couldn’t be more right. 

In a report, they state the case that a home is a fundamental human necessity. More than just a roof, but somewhere to put down roots, and build stable foundations, something we all need. 

Unfortunately, millions across the UK lack this security, with homelessness on the rise, rising rentals, and the ever-present threat of eviction. 

There are numerous reports published and plenty of focus in the media that new homes need to be built, but this will take time, and the need is now, which is why we set up the Supported Living Gateway to help fulfil this huge demand.  

So Does Social Housing work? The simple answer is yes, and here’s why: 

For People and Communities 

Affordable rents and stability for families, especially children and their education, allow them to attend one school throughout their academic life. Having a safe, well-maintained place to call home stabilizes the labour force and care networks, ultimately alleviating some pressure on social care and keeping families together. 

For Landlords 

Social housing differs from the traditional buy-to-let model. Instead of a short-term tenancy, a lease agreement is in place, ranging from 3 to 10 years. This offers numerous benefits, including no void periods, no letting agent fees, and minimal repair and maintenance (subject to lease terms), among others.  

Is the demand as big as the media portrays? 

Shelter have estimated that a further 3.1 million new homes need to be built!  So, a resounding YES! 

For the full report published by Shelter, which is an insightful read highlighting how social housing benefits people, communities, and the country, and provides a compelling example of the positive impact of social housing on a family, follow this link: 

The value of social housing - Shelter England 

Whether you aim to diversify and strengthen your portfolio, seek alternatives to the traditional Buy to Let model, or are interested in a more ethical investment, if you are not a member already you can find out about joining us here

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