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Property Training for Supported Living Providers

7th October 2022

We have been asked by quite a few of our care providers if we can help them navigate the property world, to help them understand how to speak to landlords, and to ensure they can secure an appropriate property for their supported living business.

We’re now pleased to announce that we will be launching a training course geared towards care providers working within this sector – whether new to market, or more established. 

The course will cover:

  • The supported living sector: understanding the marketplace;
  • Building strong foundations for a successful business: getting started with business planning, registrations, policies and procedures;
  • Business development: considering frameworks, DPS and spot purchase plus how to get your clients, and fill your properties;
  • Working with registered providers, charities and housing associations – building close relationships with key business partners;
  • Property: a complete overview of how to successfully negotiate a property transaction that’s right for you and the landlord:
    • Various types of property available?
    • Rental rates and expectations
    • Location and amenities
    • Property needs, adaptations and planning
    • Property management and regulations
    • Viewing a property
  • Due diligence on the landlord
  • Building trust and a long-term relationship with a property developer by understanding the challenges they face;  
  • Understanding legal agreements, leases and care provision – a fundamental requirement in any business setting;
  • Case studies: we’ll show examples of how other supported living providers have had success working with Supported Living Gateway; 
  • Working with The Gateway: making the most of our support in building your business and securing your first property. 

You can find out more about the course and sign up for it here.

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