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Finance Update

23rd January 2023

We recently recorded a detailed update on the finance market with Paul Hinchley-Bradshaw of Signature Funding Solutions. Paul spoke about the current finance market covering a number of topics specific to our role as investors and developers within Supported Living.

We covered:

  • The current market rates for standard BTL lending
  • Whether to stick with 2 year or 5 year deals or is there another option
  • What to consider when you are assessing getting finance on your supported living property
  • Do you need a BTL, or semi-commercial, or full commercial loan

The full video is available to our Pro and VIP members in the Expert Interviews section of your dashboard.

Paul will also be attending our upcoming Networking event on the 1st Feb in Manchester where he will be able to answer any further questions you have around finance for Supported Living. Details of the networking event can be found here

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