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Choosing a mentor or educator in supported living property investing

23rd February 2023

Supported living property investing is being talked about more and more, and lots of property investors want to know how to get started and how to avoid the pitfalls.

If you want to learn and understand more about the sector, it is really important that you look for people who have first-hand experience.   You want someone with a clear and proven track record.  A good mentor should be able to protect you from making mistakes as they will have trodden the path before you.  They will have had experience in dealing with and negotiating leases, planning changes etc. They should have a black book of specialist contacts that they can share with you, their “Power Team”.

If someone is a full-time coach or educator in a specialist sector like supported living, you should ask why they are not actively investing themselves.  Ideally, the answer is that they will be still sourcing and building their portfolios to keep up with current trends, updated legislation, and market conditions.   They may have years of experience behind them and an established portfolio that does not need to grow any further.  You should always ask.

There is a lot of so called “knowledge” out there about supported living property investment and development, but knowledge without hands on experience is nothing more than theory.  Would you employ a brick layer who knows how to lay bricks from a book, or someone who’s actually laid thousands?   You want to be working with someone who has experience as well as knowledge.

Using someone with extensive knowledge AND experience can help short cut complex arrangements and help solve problems you may face.

The team behind Supported Living Gateway has a huge amount of shared experience.  Across the team we have 70 year’s experience investing in, and developing property and are also SSAS pension trustees. 

Our team have a combined property portfolio of over £8 million+ and they are varied, between us we have BTLs, HMOs, SAs, blocks of apartments, commercial units and 56 supported living units with more in the pipeline.

If you would rather one-to-one consultancy, where we can focus on your individual needs.

Please do drop us a line at

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