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We are making a difference

17th April 2023

Supported living is an essential service that provides support and accommodation enabling individuals to live independently and have control over their lives while receiving the necessary assistance and care.

However, finding suitable accommodation can be a significant challenge for supported living providers. It is a complicated and time-consuming process that requires extensive research and resources. That's where Supported Living Gateway comes in.

Supported Living Gateway is a digital platform that connects property investors with supported living providers. The platform aims to make a difference in the community by streamlining the process of securing accommodation.

We provide a range of benefits for both property investors and supported living providers. Property investors can reduce void periods, make secure investments, and generate a return on their investment. Supported living providers can access a range of properties suitable for their supported living needs.

We have made a significant difference to the community by making more homes available for people with support needs. By connecting property investors with supported living providers, the platform has created a more efficient and effective way of providing support and accommodation.

One of the key benefits of Supported Living Gateway is that it has helped to increase the availability of supported living accommodation. It has made it easier for property investors to invest in supported living properties, which has increased the supply of properties available to supported living providers. This has helped to reduce waiting lists for supported living accommodation and improve access to support for people with support needs.

Supported Living Gateway has also helped to improve the quality of supported living accommodation. The Gateway provides a range of resources and support to help property investors and supported living providers ensure that their properties meet the necessary standards. It is helping to create better living conditions for people with needs, ensuring that they have access to high-quality accommodation and support.

We, at the Gateway, are proud to be making a significant difference by making it easier for supported living providers to connect with property people who want to help by making accommodation available for this sector.


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