The Independent Review of Children's Social Care

Posted in: Supported Living, Posted on Thursday, 02 June 2022, Posted By: Mark Bowen

For those of you interested in care (or housing) provision for children, a recent report authored by Josh MacAlister is a useful read. The opening line in the executive summary states that this moment is a, “once in a generation opportunity to transform children’s social care.”

Some of the main points are:
  • Support to be more effective by creating a new multi-disciplinary service of Family Help within the community.
  • A single Expert Child Protection Practitioner is responsible for making key decisions and sharing information across related agencies, working in conjunction with Family Help to ensuring streamlined communications;
  • Recognising that the wider family can play a part in caring for children and thus supporting families to do so;
  • Establishing new Regional Care Cooperatives to take responsibility for all care within their allotted region as well as being a single commissioning point for all care for children;
  • Resolving inequalities suffered by children in care. A proposal that the UK should be the first country in the world to recognise the care experience as a protected characteristic, meaning it would illegal to discriminate against care leavers in the same way it is to discriminate on grounds of race or gender, for example.
  • Investing in vastly improved training and development for social workers, family members and children’s home staff.

You can find the link to the report here.

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