Our next supported living property conference is on 18th September

Posted in: Supported Living, Posted on Friday, 03 September 2021, Posted By: Rich Liddle

Our next conference takes place on the 18th September and will be a free online event for property investors. We have chosen the theme: ‘Navigating the challenges of supported living’ to follow on from the roadmap we looked at for our very first conference back in April. 

There are many reasons supported living is appealing to property investors who are looking for secure, ethical investments. The leases tend to be long and more hands off than standard ASTs and voids are often covered by the care provider. Helping people with additional needs is a fantastic way to give back to your community and there are many different tenant types you could find yourself working with. 

Having said that the journey to setting up supported living tenancies can be long and complicated, so determination is needed to reap the rewards. The aim of this conference is to take a detailed look at some of the common challenges and help investors to overcome them. We will be looking at: 

  • Compliant fundraising  
  • How to work with care providers  
  • How to negotiate a sustainable lease 
  • Finding accurate information  
  • Securing specialist finance 
  • Utilising permitted development in supported living  

We have booked some amazing industry experts to speak and will be hearing from investors who have secured supported living tenancies for their own properties. Care providers will also be joining us to give their perspective on what they’re looking for, and how to work with them. 

Register now to either join us live or watch the conference on demand. 

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