Care Providers - Do You Need Property For Supported Living?

Posted in: Supported Living, Posted on Tuesday, 25 August 2020, Posted By: Lisa Brown

Since I have been developing properties for Supported Living I have been surprised just how many care providers are struggling to find the properties they need.  

I hear stories of support staff spending days on Zoopla, or spending hours calling round letting agents unable to find any agents or landlords who will work with them. This seems crazy, care providers should be focussing on what they do best and not having to spend precious hours finding property. 

 We are developing a way for you to find properties that are available in your area, these properties will be of good quality and will have a landlord who understands Supported Living and is keen to work with you. The Landlord will be happy for you to lease their property for Supported Living and will understand the commitment of creating a home for life for someone, a landlord who is happy for the property to be adapted to meet the needs of the tenants. 

We have a huge network of property owners across the country who are really excited about Supported Living and want to let their property to you. In fact, many of these property owners are frustrated as they have found it hard to connect with providers in their area. Many of these landlords have properties that are ready to go now, no need to wait for the legal process while they are bought.  

Of course, we may not always have exactly the property available that you need, but we also have a network of developers and investors who are keen to develop properties to meet your needs, where you need them. This also means we may have developers who can help you with more creative or specialised schemes. 

We work with a range of experts, care providers and registered providers and we are able to help you connect to the right people to make sure your Supported Living scheme is compliant. We are passionate about Supported Living and making sure each scheme is set up in an ethical and sustainable way, to ensure tenants who need them can have properties for life. 

Our focus is to make it easier for you to find property, the ability to easily find available properties when you need them means you don’t need to turn down referrals because of concerns over finding a property.  It allows you to be more agile and respond to needs as they arise. When you have commissioning or funding support for a scheme you need to be able to respond quickly and helping you to find the property part of that scheme easily, will help you to achieve your goals.  

The Supported Living Gateway, is revolutionising the way people connect to create more homes for vulnerable people.  

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